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Hope that you were able to attend the Redistricting Miami-Dade 2021 event. Redistricting is fundamental to our democratic process. It is important that we remain vigilant that the redistricting process is fair and transparent. The Fair Districts Coalition is working across the State of Florida to educate Floridians and ensure that the redistricting process is constitutionally-compliant. Another redistricting resource is the website created jointly by the Florida House of Representatives and the Florida Senate that provides access to the redistricting data and map application used by the Legislature. Please remain attentive to the redistricting meetings in your area so that your voice may be heard. 

Regarding the crisis at the border of Del Rio, Texas, we as a country have a lot of work to do. It is unconscionable that Haitian migrants or migrants from anywhere arrive at a United States border and are treated heinously by United States officials. The inhumanity shown to the Haitians migrants is unacceptable. We as Americans need to be better and do better.

In Solidarity,

Nakia Ruffin, Esq.

GSCBWLA President

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