GSCBWLA's mission is to address the legal, social, and economic concerns of women lawyers, the Black community, and the community-at-large.


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Greetings GSCBWLA Members and Supporters:

This past week has been disheartening, to say the least, after the Rittenhouse verdict. However, many that watched the trial were not surprised. 

We as a community look at that case and can only think that if it was one of us, the outcome would have been very different. We strive for the day when a person of color can expect, without reservation, the same verdict with the same facts as in the Rittenhouse case.

In the spirit of perseverance and hope we will celebrate Thanksgiving Day with our loved ones with the expectation that we can and will continue to make steps forward in social, legal, and economic justice.

One of the many ways that we can take these steps is by assisting others. This year our Holiday Gift Drive will benefit the Lotus House Women's Shelter. Please consider giving if you are able to do so. 

Another way is by supporting art endeavors in our community. Please join us on December 2nd for our opening reception of the Point Comfort Art Fair + Show at the Historic Ward Rooming House Gallery in Overtown. 

In Service,

Nakia Ruffin, Esq.

GSCBWLA President

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