Thursday, May 04, 2017 3:32 PM | Loreal Arscott

 FIU College of Law is seeking applications for adjuncts to teach Legal Skills & Values III for the Fall 2017 semester and future semesters.  To provide a little more background, the FIU College of Law Legal Skills and Values Program consists of two required courses in the first year of law school (LSV I and LSV II) and an additional required course by the end of a student’s fourth semester of law school (LSV III). 

Applications are sought to teach LSV III from those who possess excellent writing skills and a strong interest in teaching legal research, analysis, and written and oral communication skills, all with a heavy emphasis on professionalism.  Candidates should have experience in the topical areas covered by LSV III, which includes negotiations and drafting contracts, correspondence, pleadings, motions, and trial-level memos.

Candidates should send a cover letter and resume to Prof. David D. Walter, Co-Director, Legal Skills & Values Program, , with the subject line, LSV III Adjunct Application. 

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