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Deputy Voter Protection Director for the Florida Democractic Party in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Wednesday, December 04, 2019 12:38 PM | Nakia Ruffin (Administrator)

Florida Democratic Party

Job Title: Deputy Voter Protection Director
Job Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Job Type: The position is currently budgeted through December 31, 2020 and may be renewed for permanency.
Compensation: The Florida Democratic Party offers a competitive salary and benefit package with the opportunity for growth. Salary range is competitive and commensurate with experience including excellent insurance paid fully by the employer.
Job Category Political organizer with legal background.
Job Description: The Florida Democratic Party (FDP) is seeking a talented Deputy Voter Protection Director (DVPD) to ensure that all eligible Floridians can cast ballots that count in 2020. The DVPD will work with the Voter Protection Director and a statewide network of Democratic Party volunteers to develop, implement and manage a robust, year-round voter protection program throughout Florida. The program will provide a systematic framework of proactive support for the 2020 coordinated campaign.
Job Requirements: Voter Protection Duties

The DVPD will have multiple areas of responsibility:
Support the VPD in expanding access and defending against incursions to voting rights.
The DVPD will research and develop strategies to expand access to the franchise, with attention to voter registration, ballot access, ballot canvassing and ballot chasing processes in all 67 counties.
Lead the execution of voter outreach, education and intervention programs, both ongoing and specific to each election cycle.
The DVPD will work in coordination with other FDP departments to build capacity in each of Florida’s counties, organize and train volunteers, educate voters and generate program-specific financial support.
Build strong working relationships with other stakeholders.
The DVPD will help build and sustain political and strategic relationships with county Supervisors of Elections and staff at the Florida Division of Elections. S/he will recruit and train county volunteers and local Voter Protection Committee members to assist with relationship maintenance.
Design and maintain strong data and information management practices.
Before the 2020 presidential election, the DVPD will track voting- and election-related legislation and agency rulemaking, seek information about voter protection-related lawsuits and current events, and maintain a working knowledge of general Democratic Party activities, goals and political news. Additionally, s/he will collect and record information on local voting practices, polling locations, early voting sites and vote-by-mail rules. S/he will contribute to the prioritization of voting locations within all 67 counties and the assignment of volunteers to priority locations
Prepare for potential litigation or a recount.
The DVPD will help develop, coordinate train and assign volunteer teams to support election-related litigation or a recount. S/he will draft and disseminate form pleadings and appropriate training materials for use of the Party’s voter protection teams in those activities. S/he will participate in the legal and factual research necessary to the successful prosecution of such efforts, making sure that volunteers timely report and thoroughly document voter protection issues before and during any litigation or recount activities. Additionally, the DVPD will be expected to cooperate with and contribute to several office-wide projects including fundraisers, large events, and other FDP gatherings.

Qualifications and Skills

Experience with data-driven voter protection programs, political organizing efforts, campaigns and recounts.
Prior work as a Poll Watcher, Poll Observer or liaison to a Supervisor of Elections preferred.
Demonstrated ability to stand up large-scale and diverse volunteer organizations that deliver results by motivating and holding volunteers accountable for their goals.
Self-confident advocate for free and fair elections with a sophisticated understanding of racial inequalities and the history of structural racism in the state of Florida.
Ability to organize in ways that promote racial justice in recognition of the disproportionate impact that voter intimidation and suppression have had on Florida’s communities of color.
Excellent written and verbal communications skills in both one-on-one and group settings.
Commitment to ensuring that all programs, deliverables and experiences are of a high quality and completed on time.
Exceptional people skills and patience.
Diligent work ethic: Our team will work long hours, especially as we get closer to election day. We will prioritize working smart, but we will also work hard.
Good listener: Many of our co-workers and volunteers do not have our background or experience. They will not always know what is possible or even what to ask of us. Part of the successful candidate’s job is to listen closely, use common sense, and discern others’ true needs so that we can solve real problems.
Positive attitude: Even amidst challenges, our team must remain optimistic and upbeat. This will make us more productive while encouraging our volunteers’ morale.
Share Democratic Party values: Our mission is to elect all of our Florida Democratic Party candidates. You must share a passion for this mission. If you are inclined to support Republicans or be disengaged from politics, then this is not the job for you.
A versatile team player with superb time management skills and the ability to manage multiple, complex projects and competing priorities simultaneously under strict deadlines.
Adaptive decision maker who enjoys constant new challenges and has the ability to manage upward by leveraging limited leader time while holding volunteers accountable for their goals.
Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), Adobe Acrobat/Reader, VAN/Votebuilder and Google software platforms (Docs, Forms, Classroom and Sheets).
Experience with social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
Strong public speaking skills.
Unwavering commitment to accuracy and results.
Bachelor’s Degree and at least two cycles of political or commensurate experience.
Self-starter with a strong commitment to Democratic Party values.

Preferred Qualifications

Fluency in a second language; Spanish and/or Creole are desirable.
Experience using Dialpad, Constant Contact, Mobilize, Typeform and LBJ software platforms.
Strategically-minded attorney with strong legal analytical skills and experience to advance client goals, solve problems creatively and push decisions forward.


Must have a valid driver license, reliable mode of transportation and the ability to travel extensively at times throughout the state for more than a day at a time.
Must be able to travel outside of the state, often for several days at a time, to national trainings and events.
Office hours are 9:30 – 6:30, Monday through Friday. However, evening and weekend hours will be needed regularly; there will often be very long work hours after the Democratic National Convention. Specific schedules will be determined as needs dictate.
Must have the ability to bend, stoop and lift regularly, stand for long periods of time and carry 25 lbs.

The FDP believes that our differences enhance our strengths, and we believe that we benefit from a staff of diverse races, ethnic origins, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, economic backgrounds, abilities, and other facets of our identities.
How to Apply E-mail a letter describing your interest in the job, your resume and a list of references to Juan Peñalosa at jobs@floridadems.org and use Deputy Voter Protection Director as the subject line. Please do not contact by phone.
Closing Date Dec 15, 2019

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