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General Counsel for the South Florida Black Chamber of Commerce in West Palm Beach, FL

Wednesday, November 11, 2020 2:26 PM | Nakia Ruffin (Administrator)

South Florida Black Chamber of Commerce

Job Title: General Counsel
Job Location: South Florida (office located in WPB)
Job Type: As needed
Compensation: Pro Bono
Job Category Attorney
Job Description: The office of the General Counsel is the senior attorney of the South Florida Black Chamber of Commerce (SFLBCC) legal department. The professional brings years of experience and knowledge to the position and is responsible for providing legal advice and counsel for specific areas of business or governance.
The general counsel reports to the SFLBCC President and Chairman and the SFLBCC Board of Directors as appropriate.
The General Counsel has one primary objective of his/her role: to ensure the SFLBCC is operating within the law at all times. To do this, he/she must be aware of all transactions the SFLBCC is engaged in including those that may be in only the preliminary stages. This will ensure limited risk exposure to the bottom line, personnel and the SFLBCC’s public image. The General Counsel is expected to catch problems not traditionally associated with legal advice early on to ensure SFLBCC’s compliance and governance in all areas.
The General Counsel is also seen as a business partner and has additional job responsibilities in overseeing compliance functions to ensure they are aligned with the objectives of the Chamber, its legal department, and its Board of Directors.
The General Counsel must have a great deal of integrity and business experience. A strong personality and the ability to be persuasive and relentless in reinforcing the best interests of the SFLBCC is essential. He/she should also be an effective communicator, particularly when it comes to discussing legal matters with other attorneys and paralegals.
Job Requirements: • Serve as advisor to the SFLBCC President and Chairmanand Board of Directors on legal and regulatory matters.
• Work with the SFLBCC staff to update and/or create SFLBCC standard contracts and legal forms.
• Recommend policies and procedures to identify and close compliance gaps and ensure risk management.
• Ensure reliable document management policies and systems.
• Assess need for and manage outside counsel assignments that represent the SFLBCC.
• Support SFLBCC staff and Board Secretary to ensure efficient preparation and delivery of legal materials to Board of Directors.
• Participate in meetings, organize work activities, develop legal budgets, etc. as warranted.
• Review court documents such as briefs.
• Assist the SFLBCC and its Board of Directors in developing litigation strategies.
• Evaluate business operations to ensure that the SFLBCCis following laws and regulations.
The General Counsel must have a Juris Doctorate (J.D.) degree and have passed required state’s bar exam(s). In addition, he/she must have several years of professional legal experience in a both a for-profit and non-profit business environment.
How to Apply Please e-Mail Camille Frazer at camfrazer@yahoo.com
Closing Date Nov 20, 2020

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