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County Court Vacancy in the Eleventh Judicial Circuit

Monday, October 04, 2021 10:05 PM | GSCBWLA Admin (Administrator)




October 4, 2021 

CONTACT: Miranda L. Soto, Chair 

Eleventh Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission 


TELEPHONE: (305) 347-4086 

MIAMI – The Eleventh Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission has been asked to provide Governor Ron DeSantis with nominees for the vacancy in the Miami-Dade County Court created by the elevation of County Court Judge Diana Vizcaino. 

The Commission requests that interested candidates submit an application for consideration. Applicants must meet the qualifications for a county court judge as described in Article V, Section 8 of the Florida Constitution. 

Applications must be received by 5:00 pm on October 15, 2021, as follows: 

The “Judicial Appointment Application 2021” may be downloaded in pdf and word format at: https://www.flgov.com/judicial-and-judicial-nominating-commission-information/. 

(1) : The original unredacted application shall be emailed in .pdf format to: Miranda.Soto@bipc.com and jnc@pedroallende.com. 

(2) : A redacted .pdf of the application shall be emailed to the following emails listed below: 

• Miranda.Soto@bipc.com 

• jnc@pedroallende.com 

• walter.harvey@dadeschools.net 

• sdimond@dkrpa.com 

• haydenjnc@gmail.com 

• rpardo@pardolaw.com 

• jsuarez@gjb-law.com 

• jmestre@riveromestre.com 

• rfernandez@rhflawfirm.com 

Personal information not subject to public disclosure—such as a social security number—shall be redacted as permitted by Section 119.071 of the Florida Statutes

Untimely applications will not be considered. The filename for .pdf applications should be as follows: “FIRST NAME LAST NAME County Application (redacted/unredacted).” 

Applicants are asked to strictly follow all requests and instructions in this notice. Failure to do so could result in an application not being considered. 

NOTE TO APPLICANTS: To assist the Judicial Nominating Commission in its review of applications, all questions must be fully and completely answered. Applications must include current contact information, including e-mail addresses, for judges, co-counsel, opposing counsel, and references to facilitate the background investigation that will be conducted by the members of the Commission. Please print to .pdf in lieu of scanning where possible. 

Include all letters of recommendation that the applicant wishes the Commission to consider. The letters shall be attachments to the original application and the redacted copy and shall be included with the application saved in the .pdf file. Any additional information that the applicant feels may be helpful to the Commission in assessing the applicant’s qualifications shall be included as attachments to the original application and redacted copy saved in the .pdf file. 

The Commission strongly suggests that applications be submitted as soon as they are prepared and well before the deadline. Applicants granted an interview will be scheduled in the order in which applications are received. 

After the deadline for submitting applications, the Commission will determine which applicants will be interviewed. At this time, it is anticipated that interviews will be conducted in person on October 26, 2021, although this date is subject to change. The Commission will consider accommodating applicants who request to be interviewed remotely upon request. 

ELEVENTH CIRCUIT JUDICIAL NOMINATING COMMISSION MEMBERS Miranda L. Soto (Chair) Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, PC Two South Biscayne Blvd., Suite 1500 Miami, FL 33131 Tel.: 305-347-4086 Miranda.Soto@bipc.com 

Pedro Allende (Vice Chair) 

Tel: 305-482-3529 


Walter James Harvey School Board Attorney’s Office 1450 NE 2nd Avenue, Suite 400 Miami, FL 33132 Tel.: 305-995-1304/Fax: 305-995-1412 walter.harvey@dadeschools.net 

Scott M. Dimond 

Dimond Kaplan & Rothstein, P.A. 

Offices at Grand Bay Plaza 

2665 South Bayshore Dr., PH 2B 

Miami, FL 33133 



Hayden P. O’Byrne 

United States Attorney’s Office, SDFL 

99 N.E. 4th Street 

Miami, FL 33132 

Tel: 305-961-9447/Fax: 305-530-7679 


Robert R. Pardo Robert R. Pardo, P.A. 7700 N. Kendall Drive, Suite 512 Miami, FL 33156 Tel.: 305-596-7794/Fax: 305-596-5854 rpardo@pardolaw.com 

Jesus M. Suarez 

Genovese, Joblove & Battista, P.A. 

100 S.E. Second Street, Suite 4400 

Miami, Florida 33131 

Tel: 305-349-2300 


Jorge A. Mestre 

Rivero Mestre, LLP 

2525 Ponce de Leon Blvd. Suite 1000 

Miami, FL 33134 

Tel: 305-445-2500 


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