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  • Tuesday, November 06, 2018 7:45 AM | Nakia Ruffin (Administrator)
    City of Atlanta

    Court Administrator

    Location:  City Of Atlanta



    Salary : Commensurate with Experience

    Position Expires: 11-30-2018

    General Description and Classification Standards

    The individual in this position is responsible for the overall management of the Municipal Court of Atlanta. Duties include, but are not limited to: coordinating, organizing, supervising, and the managing the various case processing activities of the court. Providing direction to a group of managers engaged in multiple activities related to the area of leadership responsibility; establishing operating policies; providing management coaching and guidance; building relationships across departments, in addition to City organizations as needed; and managing the court budget.

    This is the highest level of strategic and/or operations management reporting to the Municipal Court Chief Judge. Position manages a primary function of the department and recommends high level policy and procedure subject to department, mayoral, and/or City Council approval.

    Directing activities; keeping the Municipal Court Chief Judge informed about professional and fiscally responsible recommendations regarding budget policy, adoption and adjustments; presenting and explaining the Court’s finances, budgets, and forecasts to City Council and to the Office of the Mayor.

    Supervision Received

    This position reports to the Municipal Court Chief Judge. Direction is received from the Municipal Court Chief Judge and Court Judges with a focus on strategic objectives and policy making.

    Essential Duties & Responsibilities

    These are typical responsibilities for this position and should not be construed as exclusive or all inclusive.  Individual may perform other duties as assigned.

    • Oversees record management including computer operations, record retention, record-keeping and reporting of court minutes.
    • Ensures the preparation of a balanced and fiscally responsible annual budget that is in compliance with the City Charter.
    • Develops, defends, and revises such budget within the context of meetings with the Office of the Mayor, City Council, and Human Resources.
    • Presents and explains the Municipal Court finances, and budgets to the members of City Council.
    • Monitors the administration of the budget; makes and recommends adjustments to the Municipal Court Judges, the Office of the Mayor, City Council, and Human Resources.
    • Supervises the financial aspects of court operations including the collection, receipt, and accounting of fees, fines, bonds, and escrow funds.
    • Provides recommendations regarding new initiatives, contracts, and other items related to the operation of the Court.
    • Directs activities related to budget policy, adoption, and adjustments.
    • Develops the preliminary court budget, forecasts revenues and expenditures, and participates in budget hearings.
    • Keeps the Municipal Court Chief Judge and Court Judges informed regarding major financial developments, which may impact the City.
    • Makes recommendations to the Municipal Court Chief Judge and Court Judges for pending and forthcoming legislation; assists in writing legislation and securing funds.
    • Monitors activities within the departments to ensure all responsibilities are performed accurately and in a timely manner.
    • Interacts with executive level management on a peer basis.
    • Participates in the development of the Court’s plans and programs.
    • Evaluates and advises on the impact of long-range planning of new programs and strategies to the Municipal Court Chief Judge and Court Judges.
    • Develops staffing strategies to identify and retain talent at the court and implement improvement plans.
    • Resolves conflict and able to reach a consensus on countervailing interests.
    • Manages administrative matters, such as conducting special studies, preparing special projects, developing and administering training, and providing for staff technical and professional growth.
    • Establishes credibility throughout the court with management and employees to effectively solve problems and employee concerns.
    • Enhances, develops, implements, and enforces human resources policies and procedures of the organization by way of systems that will improve the overall operation and effectiveness of the Court.
    • Manages the case management systems database and provide necessary reports for the critical analyses of the Court.
    • Conducts research, prepares program evaluations, makes recommendations, and conducts presentations on the court structure for continual improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the Court.
    • Works closely with the Office of the Mayor, City Council, Municipal Court Judges, and Human Resources to achieve city goals and objectives.
    • Advises, negotiates, manages, and administers contracts with all Court vendors.
    • Interprets and executes statutory mandates, rules of court, and judicial system policies, as they relate to administrative matters.
    • Formulates and implements policy with respect to the operations of the court administration.
    • Develops and/or modifies procedures to ensure compliance and supervises the implementation.
    • Maintains an awareness of city ordinances/regulations, as well as state and federal laws to ensure compliance.
    • Analyzes and prepares court security plans.
    • Clearly articulates information within the organization, to the Municipal Court Chief Judge and Court Judges, the Mayor’s Office, Council Members, interdepartmental leads, and other public forums as requested and necessary.
    • Performs other related work as required.

    Decision Making

    This is a policy-advisory level of management; establishing and maintaining organizational strategies and policies within required legislative and/or executive limitations. Works within and strives to achieve the Municipal Court’s overall mission. Accomplishes short-term, mid-term, and long-term objectives; applies professional standards of operation and assures the court functions meets all legal and regulatory requirements.

    Leadership Provided

    Provides guidance to managers, supervisors, and staff, while setting the overall goals and objectives for the Court and provides guidance on performance standards in accordance with city policies and the applicable law.

    Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

    • Advanced knowledge of the court functions; knowledge of core technical and/or operations related to court management principles and approaches.
    • Advanced leadership required in addition to motivational skills for identifying strategic issues and developing long-term resolutions.
    • Skill in operating computers with extensive proficiency, covering a wide variety of applications.
    • Ability to visualize and anticipate organizational needs, while accomplishing administrative goals.
    • Must possess exceptional relationship management skills within the organization and with external constituents/partners.
    • Knowledge of State of Georgia reporting requirements.
    • Knowledge of Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) procedures.
    • Knowledge of City and departmental policies and procedures.
    • Knowledge of applicable state and federal laws.

    Minimum Qualifications – Education and Experience

    • Master’s degree or Juris Doctor’s degree, from an accredited College or University, in criminal justice, management, business administration, or any equivalent field; and 7- 8 years of related experience with extensive project management and/or leadership experience.

    Preferred Education & Experience

    • Juris Doctor’s degree, from an accredited College or University; and 10 or more years of project management and court administration experience.
    • Current certification and relevant years of experience in Lean Six Sigma.
    • Progressive experience in leadership and management of an organization with 100 or more staff members.
    • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in the development and implementation of a successful budget plan for a multi-million-dollar budget.

    Licensures and Certifications

    Court Clerk and/or Court Administrator certification required or must be acquired within 6 months of hire.

    Please apply here

  • Wednesday, October 10, 2018 12:59 PM | Nakia Ruffin (Administrator)

    Please email a cover letter, resume, & list of three references to jobs@acslaw.org.

  • Thursday, September 27, 2018 12:40 PM | Nakia Ruffin (Administrator)


    Sept. 26, 2018

    The Shepard Broad College of Law in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. is seeking candidates for the adjunct faculty teaching positions described below.

    Candidates must have a JD degree, and practitioners with at least 5 years of practice experience are preferred.

    Interested candidates should forward a resume and brief statement of qualifications by the deadlines indicated for each position below, to Richard Grosso, Professor of Law and Chair, Adjuncts Committee, at rgrosso@nova.edu.

    Thank you,

    Richard Grosso,

    Professor of Law

    Chair, Adjuncts Committee


    Law Office Management Workshop

    We are seeking an adjunct professor to teach this course beginning in the Summer 2019 semester.

    The course description is as follows:

    Law Office Management Workshop (2 Credits) LAW 0651

    This workshop provides hands-on experience in the practical aspects of organizing a law practice. The workshop is divided into units covering The Office and Its Technology, Bar Grievances and Attorney Malpractice, Trust Accounting in Florida, Good Billing Practices, Marketing, and Small Firm Survival. Included in these units are concepts useful in both litigation and transactional practices, such as corporate structure, real estate contracts, employment procedures, and office infrastructure. Additional Prerequisite(s) or Corequisite(s): Professional Responsibility.

    If interested in this position, please submit a resume and brief statement of qualifications by October 15, 2018 to rgrosso@nova.edu.


    Criminal Pre-Trial Practice

    We are seeking an adjunct professor to teach this course beginning in either the Fall 2019 semester or the Winter 2020 semester.

    The course description is as follows:

    Criminal Pre-Trial Practice (2 Credits) LAW 0711

    This workshop simulates pre-trial practice in the criminal law context. Students may participate in motion hearings, and depositions along with drafting pleadings, discovery and motions. Additional Prerequisite(s): Criminal Procedure and Evidence.

    If interested in this position, please submit a resume and brief statement of qualifications by November 9, 2018 to rgrosso@nova.edu.


    Civil Pre-Trial Practice

    We are seeking an adjunct professor to teach this course beginning in either the Fall 2019 semester or the Winter 2020 semester.

    The course description is as follows:

    Civil Pre-Trial Practice (3 Credits) LAW 0517

    ALSV Workshop involving simulation of the pre-trial process. Students participate in motion hearings and oral depositions. They also draft attorney fee agreements, pleadings, written discovery, motions and accompanying memoranda of law, a final pre-trial order, and jury instructions. Additional Prerequisite(s) or Corequisite(s): Evidence.

    If interested in this position, please submit a resume and brief statement of qualifications by November 9, 2018 to rgrosso@nova.edu.

  • Thursday, September 20, 2018 12:36 PM | Nakia Ruffin (Administrator)
    City of North Port Logo
    invites applications for the position of:

    Assistant City Attorney

    SALARY: $88,591.93 - $132,887.89 Annually
    OPENING DATE: 09/11/18
    CLOSING DATE: 09/25/18 05:00 PM

    Under the general direction of the City Attorney, provides a wide range of professional legal services to the City Commission, City departments and various boards and committees.  Performs related administrative and professional work as required.


    •  Assists the City Attorney as legal counsel for the City in all municipal areas.
    • Represents the City and its officers and employees in litigation matters, including preparation of pleadings, briefs, motions and other documents in preparation for trial of cases and handling of appeals.
    • Appears before all federal and state courts and administrative agencies on behalf of the City.
    • Reviews, drafts and approved ordinances, charter amendments, resolutions, contracts, deeds, leases, permits, licenses and other legal documents.
    • Prepares written legal opinions and renders legal advice to City Commission, boards, committees and City departments.
    • Interprets federal, state, county and City statutes, ordinances, charters, rules, regulations, court decisions, etc.
    • Confers with and renders assistance to City departments in establishing departmental policies by developing and applying legal points and procedures; recommends changes in policies and procedures in order to meet legal requirements.
    • Attends meetings of the City Commission, boards and committees to advise on legal matters.
    • Conducts legal research as needed.
    • Analyzes and reports to affected City departments on proposed and enacted legislation.
    • Handles public inquiries. 
    • Performs related duties as required.
    • Knowledge of legal principles and procedures, including civil, appellate and administrative law and procedures, court rules and rules of evidence, methods of legal research, including computer research.
    • Must have the ability to communicate clearly and concisely, orally and in writing.
    • Must be able to analyze and prepare a wide variety of legal documents.
    • Conduct research on legal problems and prepare sound legal opinions.
    • Prepare and present cases in court.
    • Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with other employees and members of the public.
    • Have thorough knowledge of the methods, procedures and policies of the Department as they pertain to the performance of duties of the position.
    • Have knowledge of the organization, practices, procedures and resources of City departments, boards and committees.
    • Knowledgeable in the laws, ordinances, standards and regulations pertaining to the specific duties and responsibilities of the position.
    • Has knowledge of legal principles and procedures, including civil and administrative law and procedures.
    • Has knowledge of court rules and rules of evidence.
    • Has knowledge of the methods of legal research, including computer research.
    • Has knowledge of standard human resources practices and procedures.
    • Has knowledge of proper English usage, punctuation, spelling and grammar.
    • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
    • Ability to analyze and prepare a variety of legal documents.
    • Ability to conduct research on legal problems and prepare sound legal opinions.
    • Able to effectively present cases in court.
    • Able to perform multiple tasks and work effectively on a tight deadline as necessary.
    • Ability to learn and utilize new skills and information to improve job performance and efficiency.
    • Possess the mathematical ability to handle required calculations.
    • Is able to maintain effective relationships with personnel of other departments, professionals and members of the public through contact and cooperation.

    Must have membership in the Florida Bar. Juris Doctor degree from an accredited law school. 3-5 years in Municipality or County setting.

    (A comparable amount of training, education or experience may be substituted for the above qualifications.)

    Licenses and Certifications:

    Possession of or ability to obtain a valid Florida driver's license by date of hire.


    4970 City Hall Blvd
    North Port, FL 34286
    (941) 429-7134


    Position #201400674

  • Thursday, September 20, 2018 12:28 PM | Nakia Ruffin (Administrator)

    Please send cover letter and resume to jpla@floridajusticeinstitute.org.

  • Thursday, August 16, 2018 1:05 PM | Nakia Ruffin (Administrator)

    Earthjustice has multiple attorney and law student positions in the USA. Please click on the links below.

    Associate Attorney

    Denver, CO

    Associate Attorney, Clean Energy FL

    Miami, FL  or  Tallahassee, FL

    Associate Attorney, Rocky Mountain Clean Energy

    Denver, CO

    Associate or Senior Associate Attorney

    Seattle, WA

    Deputy Managing Attorney, Northeast Region

    New York, NY

    International Law Clerkship, Summer 2019

    San Francisco, CA

    Law Clerkship, Summer 2019


    Legal Externship

    Philadelphia, PA

    Legal Externship

    San Francisco, CA

    Legal Externship, Fall 2018

    New York, NY

    Legal Externship, Spring or Fall

    Washington, DC

    Post-Grad Legal Fellowship Fall 2019

    Chicago, IL  or  Los Angeles, CA  or  Miami, FL  or  New York, NY  or  Philadelphia, PA  or  San Francisco, CA  or  Tallahassee, FL  or  Washington, DC

    Staff Attorney, Clean Energy

    Philadelphia, PA

    Staff Attorney, International


    Staff Attorney, U.S. and Foreign Clean Energy

    Washington, DC

    Associate Legislative Counsel

    Washington, DC

  • Thursday, August 16, 2018 12:51 PM | Nakia Ruffin (Administrator)

    Monroe County Attorney’s Office is looking for an attorney with construction law experience. Ideal candidate will have experience with procurement, contracting, permitting, and litigation involving public construction projects. Candidates with experience in civil litigation, risk management, environmental law, federal grant requirements, and/or general local government law experience may also be considered. Board certification in Construction Law and/or City, County, and Local Government law a plus. Salary range $68,849.98 to $130,955.55 depending upon qualifications and experience. To apply please contact Ken Clarke at clarke-ken@monroecounty-fl.gov or at (305) 292–4557. Applications can be downloaded at www.monroecounty-fl.gov. Deadline – Open until filled., E.O.E. Please submit resume and representative writing sample along with application.

  • Sunday, August 05, 2018 4:47 PM | Nakia Ruffin (Administrator)

    The Broward County Attorney’s Office has more than 40 lawyers providing a full range of litigation, transactional, and regulatory legal counsel. The Office seeks candidates for the following three positions:

    Experienced Construction Attorney (Transactional). The ideal candidate will have 8 – 15 years of lead counsel experience in negotiating and drafting significant construction documents. 

    Experienced Construction Attorney (Both Transactional and Litigation). The ideal candidate will have substantial lead counsel experience in negotiating and drafting significant construction and similar documents, and at least 8 years of first chair experience in construction litigation matters. 

    Experienced General Transactional Attorney. The ideal candidate will have excellent negotiation skills, impeccable drafting skills (initial drafting and editing of drafts created by other attorneys), a minimum of 10 years of experience as a transactional attorney, and significant experience serving as lead counsel in drafting complex commercial agreements. 

    Candidates should provide a cover letter, resume, and representative writing sample to Deputy County Attorney Danielle French, dfrench@broward.org, no later than August 30, 2018. Anything submitted will become a public record. The Office is looking to fill these positions on or before October 1, 2018. Salary ranges commensurate with experience and subject to budget approval.

  • Thursday, July 26, 2018 1:14 PM | Nakia Ruffin (Administrator)

    Court Program Specialist II (Domestic Violence Case Manager) - Domestic Violence Case Management Unit (State Funded)

    Division: Court Support

    Salary: $36,115.32 ANNUAL + Benefits

    Position Type: FULLTIME

    Funding: State Funded

    Hours: 40 hours per week

    Occupation Code: Court Program Specialist 2

    Working Title: Domestic Violence Case Manager

    (Salary is Non-Negotiable) The successful candidate will be hired at the minimum salary.


    The essential function of the position within the organization is to provide direct legal and administrative aid and support to the Judiciary in the managing, monitoring and coordinating of Domestic Violence cases. The position is responsible for advising Domestic Violence Judges with respect to substantive and procedural legal issues related to Domestic Violence cases. The position also provides in court assistance to Domestic Violence Judges at all Permanent Injunction hearings, motion calendars, and civil contempt/compliance/criminal contempt calendars at the main courthouse and at all branch court locations. The position is responsible for providing case information to pro se litigants and system staff, case coordination and referrals to community-based services, managing and preparing cases for court hearings and briefing judges, attending hearings, scheduling hearings, and performing related clerical functions. The position acts as liaison between the Judiciary, the Clerk of Courts, community based service groups, the parties and their attorneys involved in Domestic Violence cases in order to provide litigants with maximum access to the Courts and its services. The position works under the general supervision of a Court Operations Manager developing work methods and sequences.


    • Manages and prepares cases for court hearings by reviewing pleadings, researching and providing corresponding case information and other documentation pertinent to the case and/or litigants. 
    • Attends and assists Judges in injunction for protection hearings by drafting appropriate orders based on rulings, performing criminal background checks, working with parties to arrange parenting plans or time sharing, and calculating child support. 
    • Advises Judges with respect to substantive and procedural Domestic Violence law; researches statutes, case law and applicable rules; prepares memoranda of law; monitors and reviews new legislation, rules and other mandates requiring procedural and/or administrative changes, and implements required changes. 
    • Schedules hearings by determining case status; determines whether to set an appropriate hearing or proceed without a hearing and prepares appropriate court order or correspondence based on the Judge’s ruling. 
    • Coordinates community resources for referral of victims, children and offenders to counseling/treatment programs and monitors compliance with terms and conditions of court orders. 
    • Performs administrative tasks, such as preparing orders, documents, forms and correspondence. 
    • Monitors and provides social service provider lists to litigants. 
    • Creates and maintains record systems for efficient case management. 
    • Assists pro se litigants in person, by telephone and via correspondence, provides case status and procedural information in accordance with rules of family and civil procedures, related laws and statutes. 
    • Participates in local community councils and workgroups to exchange information, solve problems, and coordinate services. 
    • Maintains daily, monthly and yearly case management statistics regarding volume and types of cases handled by program. 
    • Performs related work as required. 


    • Graduation from an accredited law school.
      Member in good standing with the Florida Bar.
      A minimum of one yearof professional administrative analytical related experience isrequired.


    • Working knowledge of laws, court rules, procedures and policies, legal documents, and legal factors pertaining to the court of assignment. 
    • Knowledge of the organization, operation, function, and jurisdiction of the court of assignment. 
    • Knowledge of the calendaring procedures in the court of assignment and of modern techniques of case management. 
    • Knowledge of modern office practices and procedures. 
    • Ability to communicate effectively in writing, orally and through presentations. 
    • Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions. 
    • Ability to make work decisions in accordance with laws, regulations, and departmental policies and procedures. 
    • Ability to accurately maintain a variety of complex records. 
    • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the judiciary, court administration personnel, and other private and public agency staff. 
    • Ability to work with minimal supervision and recognize and establish work priorities. 
    • Ability to handle sensitive matters with integrity and confidentiality. 
    • Ability to operate standard office equipment including personal computers and word processing and data entry applications for case management. 
    • Ability to work effectively with the public and handle individuals who are under stress with courtesy, tact and patience.

    Physical Demands

    Work involves a significant amount of standing, walking, sitting, talking, listening, balancing, stooping, and reaching with hands and arms; must be able to transfer up to 10 pounds.

    Licenses Certifications

    Member in good standing with The Florida Bar.

    Application dadeline is July 31, 2018. Please apply here

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